Customer insights are a terrible thing to waste.
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Customer Research

In business to business customer research, ci360 can help you obtain strategic information from your customers to help you outperform competitors and dominate markets by talking directly to your customers in an honest, unbiased way to:

  • Understand your customers’ and prospects’ needs and preferences
  • Understand the drivers of unsatisfactory quality products and/or services so you know where to set your priorities
  • Aid in developing an ongoing information source to take advantage of customer, market, and competitor intelligence in all aspects of your strategic planning
  • Uncover the ‘unspoken’ feedback
  • Obtain brand feedback
  • Help anticipate customer and market trends

Due Diligence

Successful deals depend on an accurate understanding of future cash flow generated by the customer base. You conduct financial due diligence as key component of your acquisition process but this due diligence is historical, “rear view,” and is not accurately predictive of the company’s future and potential revenue.

There is only one way to accurately assess the customers’ likelihood to continue generating and growing future cash flow – ask the company’s customers about their level of satisfaction with the company and their future business needs and plans.

After the Letter of Intent is signed, ci360 interviews a representative and targeted group of decision makers within the target company’s customer base, as part of a strategic customer satisfaction study. This is all done without mentioning the potential deal to the customers and conducted within the compressed timelines associated with a deal. What you learn (by product, company size and geography):

  • How loyal are the target company’s customers?
  • What are the possible barriers to a successful post-acquisition integration?
  • How likely are customers to generate the projected cash flow?
  • Who are the competitors and what are their relative strengths and weaknesses?
  • Which issues negatively and positively impact customer loyalty and growth?

Market Research

In business to business market research, ci360 is skilled at obtaining accurate and timely information from top decision makers with some of the best, largest, and most desirable corporate clients in the world. We can talk directly with the people you need to hear from, in an honest, unbiased way to discover:

  • How your target corporate market thinks
  • How buying decisions are made
  • How your growth plans will fare
  • How budgets are developed
  • The value of e-business initiatives
  • How your market organizes itself
  • How it responds to your company and product
  • How the media and competitors influence decision making
  • The effects of regulatory requirements
  • How your products fare in a competitive environment

Employee Research

Traditional” surveys are commonly conducted using written questionnaires, with predominately closed-ended questions and a limited number of open-ended questions. The issue of employee anonymity is a significant issue that must be overcome to provide a forum for employees to feel comfortable to speak freely and openly. ci360 believes that the “traditional” goals are fine but limited relative to the true potential of a properly designed study. It is possible, with a well thought out methodology and survey questionnaire, to take the Employee Survey far beyond these limitations.

The ci360 Employee Study takes a more strategic and fully integrated approach to the collection and use of the information from an Employee Study. In addition to the “traditional” goals, ci360 also seeks to understand:

  • Employee values and attitudes about their work and opportunities to improve effectiveness
  • How employees believe established workflow processes enable or hinder them from achieving the strategic and operational goals of the company
  • What do employees believe are the most important changes that can be made to promote a strong culture of delivering maximum value to customers
  • How poor communication between departments hinder the quality and speed of delivering products and services to customers

About Us

About Us

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We have provided clients worldwide with the most comprehensive, creative, and accurate research available. We have served many clients, large and small. We consistently demonstrate the ability to serve a diverse variety of industries and companies, from heavy equipment manufacturing to commercial software to healthcare and five star hotels.

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Our solution is the delivery of real-time, accurate, and objective customer and market information to allow businesses to make better and faster operational and strategic business decisions. We have found customers to be the best source of competitive differentiation information. The in-depth, qualitative and highly customizable methodologies we employ provide clients with clear, concise and actionable information.

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